Step 2:
This is Foil Art Transfer Form to be filled by the Transferor after getting O.T.P. through registered email. Entering wrong O.T.P. or email address shall not initiate transfer. Be careful in submiting this form as a transfer once validated cannot be taken back. Transferor will loose the ownership of the Foil Art in our database. Foil Art shall be transfered to the name of transfree. PHP FormMail Generator - A free tool to create ready-to-use web email forms with file upload, auto-response email, and dependent dropdowns.
  1. Enter O.T.P. you received in your email in Step 1.
  2. Enter name to whom the Foil Art shall be transfered.
  3. Enter transfree father's name.
  4. Enter transfree valid email address.
  5. Enter transfree complete address.
  6. Enter transfree valid contact number.
  7. Enter transfree date of birth.

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