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If you cannot find any customer to sell your foil art, then after two years from the date of purchasing directly from us, you can sell it back. We will purchase it in the same amount purchased directly from us plus 100%. So here you gain 100% income. Valid holder of the foil art can also sell it back. You are advised to verify your foil art code before proceeding to know the purchase amount & date. You must have a active bank account for this transaction. Money shall be credited in your account through N.E.F.T. or directly by us through other means. For that please fill up the required form below. Donot apply for sell back if you have not crossed three month from the date of direct purchase.:
  1. Type your foil art code given at the back side of the laminated cover.
  2. Type your valid email address registered with us.
  3. Type your bank name in which you are a account holder.
  4. Type your bank I.F.S. Code.
  5. Type your bank account name.
  6. Type your bank account number.

  7. Type your account type.
  8. Optional for Indian users only.

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