Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

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Q1: What is Online Tuition Advisor?
Answer: Online Tuition Advisor here is an internet community group of people unknown to each other and sending monetary Tuition fees directly to bank accounts of the registered members and receiving the double amount directly in their bank accounts from other registered members without a obligation of sending an educational u.r.l. The Tuition fees receiver takes the Tuition fees and goes away and sends an educational u.r.l. Registration is completely free. Anybody holding Indian documents, bank details, email address and mobile number can register. To register logon to website and then click on Online Tuition Advisor, click on Register. After registration sign in to your account, click on Send Tuition fees to send monetary Tuition fees. This project is valid for Indian users only.
In the past online tuition advisor was known as SEND GIFT RECEIVE GIFT. Now it is also known as Money Doubler or Cash Machine. It is just like taking magic ATM machine to your home and depositing money and withdrawing the double the amount you deposited. It works in the principle of sending and collecting double amount of tuition fees in the website . Suppose you send tuition fees of Rupees Two Hundred then you collect 400 rupees tuition fees. Plus extra income is generated from referral income of 5% if you join a new member on your referral id. So don't wait any longer and join ONLINE TUITION ADVISOR now.
For e.g. Mr. Ibrahim sends rupees two hundred to Mr. Musa. He takes the Tuition fees & sends an educational u.r.l. Now Mr. Ibrahim get a chance to receive Tuition fees of rupees four hundred from other registered members and has to send educational u.r.l.

Q2: What is referral code & how it works?
Answer: If you have referred any new member to register in Online Tuition Advisor then you need to put your referral code on the registration page of that member. The refferal code is your Indian document number which is displayed in your control panel. On successfully registration and if the new registered member sends Tuition fees amount then you get 5% of the amount as Tuition fees from maahireen. If you donot put your referral code during the time of registration then you shall not be able to do so in future. So the best idea here is that you personally fill up the form for the new incoming member. The referral commission shall be released to your registered bank account only it it reached a threshold limit of rupees one thousand.
For e.g. if the new member sends Tuition fees amount of rupees 1000/- then you will get rupees 50/- as your refferal Tuition fees from maahireen.

Q3: What is bank counterfoil? Why it is required?
Bank counterfoil is a token proof of money deposited by you into a bank account. Here the name of the account holder shall be the receivers name. For e.g. if you are depositing money into Adams account in Citibank the account holder name will be written as 'Adam'. Bank counterfoil is also known as pay-in-slip. You have to upload the counterfoil in First Send Tuition fees Ticket Pending Window in Online Tuition Advisor after croping it if required. Give catptcha and then click I deposited the Tuition fees amount button to continue. An example image of bank counterfoil of another account is given below.

Q4: What is fund transfer receipt? Why it is required?
Fund transfer receipt is the proof of money transferred to an account via internet banking. Here you need account holder name, bank account number, bank name & I.F.S.C. to get authorization to transfer money to the designated account of the Tuition fees receiver. Suppose for e.g. the receiver name is Yaqub his account number is 1234567890 and IFSC is CITI1234567 is Citibank. An example image of bank counterfoil of another account is given below.

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