1.For Customer, Patient, Clients & Sellers:
Cutomers seeking dealer, distributor, wholeseller, merchant, factory, company, retail store, book store, laboratories, chartered accountant firm, doctors, engineers, halaal food restaurant, etc. Now a days to do business you need best speed, need & convinience. It is necessary to convey your message to the world. So that people can know your genuinity, honesty, truthness & purity to buy your products or services or both can enroll here.

2.For People giving Sadqa-e-Waajiba:
People who are searching correct & Haq charity houses to give their zakaat, sadqa, fitra, khairat, etc. Then you are in right place. We only give limited listing services only to trustworthy Haq & Deeni idaarah such as Baitulmaal, Madrasah, Jaamiah, etc. after inspection.

3.For People seeking help:
There are many people who need help but, cannot approach properly due to self respect or unavailability of reliable information. No need to worry about it; you can search charity house or baitulmaal here who are ready to help after proper inspection done by them or after you can proof yourself.

4.For Community service worker:
There are many community service institutions or workers such as Deeni & Haq Baitulmaal, N.G.O., charity house, Madrasah, Jaamiah, tution teacher, school, colleges & university where you can avail education with "Imaan" & "Aqaaid", Deeni library, Sharih tailor, butcher, Nikah agent, etc. who donot do business but, want to serve our community are also invited to register.

Please Note: At last but not least, if you are interested to register your idaarah & want to add the same in our listing. Send us email about your requirements to to avail our directory listing services by paying prescribed annual fees.